Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sayonara 2011

Today's the last day of 2011. 31st December. 2011 has been a great year for me. There has been a lot of ups and downs I've gone through throughout the whole year. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah, for letting me, for still giving me the oppoturnity to breathe to still see the world up until now. I've just watched the final episode of Maharaja Lawak Mega, my mom, my bro and myself have never missed the show. Osbon, my favourite comedian won. Soo glaaad. Anyway, back to the topic for this entry, about leaving, having to say goodbye to 2011. Being in form 4, has been a great starting point, a new challenge for me. It was a rough start. However, Alhamdulillah, despite the hardships, the hecticness, tears, joy, sweat and blood (okay, I exagerated a bit, I didn't hurt myself aite) Haha. I love my class, 4 Bina, which was the best class in form 4 wait no, the whole school! I love how I had a group of classmates of multiracial. They were all very sporting, open-minded and a bunch of smarty pants. One of the most vivid memories, sweet memories of us together as one team, was when we disected frogs. It was a whole lot of fun. Everyone was scared of the hopping froggy, but as soon as drops of chloroform has been poured on the container, the frog became unconcious, and everyone was excited to see what was inside it (the frog).
Ouh and my class was a bit special as mine was the chosen class for the exchange student. An Argetinian girl named Carolina. She was really hermosa muchos hermosa, which means very beautiful in Spanish. She wasn't that fluent in english as she speaks Spanish full spanish in her country. At first, we have to use sign language, drew on a piece of paper so that she could understand. It was amazing having her there, a challenge for us to teach her Bahasa. There was this evening, she came to my friend's house which was quite nearby mine, so I decided to cycle to her house. As I was on my way, I bumped into carolina and my friend. They were taking a stroll along the neighbourhood. Suddenly I had this idea. I asked Caro whether she wanted to sit at the back of my bike? And she was okaay with, but she did say she was very heavy, but then I showed her my not-that-muscular biceps. Haha. So yeah, it was a fun evening, I even invited her to my house, dropped by a grocery store, Hero.
That was some of the unforgettable memories with my classmates. Ouh and there was one more, when my class did a trip to Sunway Lagoon. Sadly, not more than a quarter of the class could joined. Only nine of us including our dedicated form teacher. To list, write, type everything here would made a loonngggg boring post. And I bet no one would be able to stay that long facing their computer screens.
Not forgetting my dear beloved friends whom I spent time with for the whole 2011. You girls and guys were irreplacable. ;)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Midnight's not really a glimmer

What am doing? what am i thinking? I better stop now. I've been trying to avoid it for sometime now. I said to not want anyone get dissapointed, but in the end, I was the one whom dissapointed. You're digging your own grave. Yes, i could deny it with all my heart, how many times I want to, but I could never lie to myself. I know this isn't right. I shouldn't do this. I cannot stop thinking, I Cannot get myself to ignore. Umai, you're not this weak are you? This isn't you. You are stronger than what people think you are. Why, how can you easily let this slide? Hey come on, stop being too emotional, sensitive and all, you're not trying to act in some melodramatic drama. Don't be blinded by it. I even try to force myself, to push myself away from it. I'm trying to act like all of this never really happened. That's not possible. I follow my heart most of the time. Now it's time for me to listen to my mind, my rational thinking mind.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

TwentyPlenty hours With Adani

Morningggg. 9.42 am, THRS. Adani just went back. Twenty hours felt so short. She came yesterday at somewhere around 1 pm. We had a sleepover planned since the school holidays just started.Finally Wednesday which was yesterday was the perfect day and timing. The first thing we did was bake macarons. She wanted to learn making it from me as I successfully able to make them even though it's not really perfecto. We spent about 3 hours or so in the kitchen baking them. It was pretty great because before this I used to bake macarons alone which needed plenty of help. Despite the little disturbance in the kitchen, my cats and my brother who helped to mess and annoy us, we managed to bake a small round french cookies with purple and orange colours and you know what that is, Macarons. The first activity went well. Actually I had all this sleepover activites listed. These were the things I listed : 1.Bake Macarons 2.Watch a Movie 3.Make-over 4.Girl talk 5.Cam-whore-ing I know how girly it everything were on the list. What to do, we're still girls, teenage girly girls. In the first place, I did invite Mira and g-ha, ma other two girlfriends to this sleepover because Dani thought it would be awkward if it was only the two of us. This I think, the first or second time Dani sleepover at my house so she was a lil shy. haha. Ouh back to what we did after baking. We went upstairs to my room to perform the Asar prayers. Then, I asked her whether she wanted to watch a movie, she said anything at all. We watched 500 days Of Summer, only halfway because she seemed not to enjoy the movie that much. I chose something else to do. Unexpectedly, I found my last ballet concert's DVD where I performed a HSM song with my ballet classmates. Adani had been interested in ballet since we were in primary where I showed her my ballet tights, leotards and etc. We watched the DVD for a while, showed her the dress I wore during the performance. Later then, I opened the iPhoto app on my computer. I have all the photos since 2006. We looked at the old photos of us together when we were in primary. It was kinda funny to see how we used to look back then, with our tudung's not in place, how chubby my cheeks was, how cute adani looked and also our classmates photo during primary. They looked so different compared to now, those who used to be short had grown really tall, those who looked cute had grown into a manly and tough guy. Haha. We missed everything we saw in the photos. Good times, good memories. 15 mins before maghrib, we went downstairs for a cup of tea and ate some of the macarons we baked just now. Then, we went back upstairs to shower and to perform the maghrib prayers. As soon as both of us were done, I had all my make-over kits prepared. I bullied adani and made her as a doll. LOL. Poor Dani. To enlighten the make-over mood, I pretended to be the host of a make-over reality tv show. It was hillarious. I exaggerated a lil bit more, I told dani, I was the director, producer, camerawoman, make-up artist of the show. I had the idea from a reality tv show Tangkap Muat and Plain Jane I begin the make-over by applying a very dramatic eye-liner and sparkling gold and orange eyeshadows. Then, I continued with the eyebrow, mascara, blusher and pretty peach glossy lips. Puff here and there, we're DONE! She looked like a hollywood celeb. An absolute transformation! Adani was surprised to see her make-over. I had to put myself some make-up on too as we're going to do the next fun part, PHOTOBOOTH! We made all kinds of retarded facial expressions in front of the camera.
After the make-over
Later that night, my mom took us both for a dinner. It's a pretty late we were having. We went to NZ instead of Al-kader, the nearest Mamak restaurant as it was fullhouse. Then, it was a about time for us to go back. It was almost midnight by the time we got back from the late dinner or shall we say supper. We took a lil bit of time to edit our photos. We even did a GIF photo. Before we hit the sack, the last activity of the day was a late night MOVIE! This time, we watched A Walk To Remember, a movie adapted from Nicolas Sparks' novel. Great movie. It was almost 2am in the morning. Both of us were sleepy. We said goodnight to each other and hit the sack. We got up at around 8. I wanted to sleep more actually. haha, but adani woke me up. She had to leave early. So, quickly we prepared ourselves for breakfast downstairs. My mom made us scrambles eggs and a cup of coffee. So english. Not long after that, Adani received a phone call from her parents. So that's where she had to leave. Wished she could stay longer. Anyway, we had a frasometastic sleepover!
Yeayy! That's all folks! Thanks for reading this long entry.

Monday, December 12, 2011


I was soo excited to post this entry. Inhale, exhale, pheww. Okee so here goes. Last Saturday, after a couple of months asking my mom, pestering her to teach me driving or maybe just give me the chance to drive. Yeah, alhamdulillah, I managed to make my mom promise that she will teach me during the school holidays.

All these years, I've always had a dream that I drove an SUV alone in some highway and mostly me driving in my dreams. Finally, the day has come where I got the chance to sit in the driver's seat, held the steering wheel, stepped on the brake and clutch. haha I know how 'Jakun' I sounded. Well, I'm already sixteen! Most sixteen-year-old in the USA, have had their own car and driving license. I'm not asking for a car at this age, I mean being able to drive with a license is already enough. There's only 4 months away before I can get my driving license. I'm soo excited!

Some of my friends, they have given the permission to drive to go to the grocer, the convenience store or even the petrol station. I envy them.
So finally that night, at precisely 11 .30 pm, mom drove us to the nearby playground. The road around the playground was quite easy to drive plus it was near midnight so the road was empty. I took the chance to drive. And so I did, very slowly, according to mom's instructions. I was quite bad at taking a turn. It was a great first experience. Maybe the next time I'm going to learn reversing and parking the car.

Ouh, before I end this entry, I think I'm going to share a lil bit of my unforgettable moments. I was 11. My family and I just came back from somewhere, that was before we reached home. My dad stopped by our neighbour's house. We waited in the car. It only took a while until he got back into the car. I was sitting at the back. Then, suddenly he asked me whether I wanted to try driving. I was like dad? seriously? I got excited and quickly shifted to the driver's seat. My dad said, "okay, ready?" I nodded. Without any briefing or instructions from my dad, I put my hands on the steering wheel, quickly stepped really hard on the clutch. The car went vroom, dashed only for seconds then, there was a cracked, thumped sound. I hit something! It was my neighbour's flower pot. Damn, I'm soo in trouble. Luckily the pot was an old, unwanted pot by the side of the road. Huhh. My parents didn't scold me as they know it was my first time and I was quite young.

Haha, so yeah, that's about it. ^.^ seeya folks!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Davichi without an 'N'.

Here's my latest video. As promised on my previous post, Don't say Goodbye by Davichi. There's no music sheet, I played by ears which is nothing to brag about. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Le School Holidays

Hello there, it's Monday , 5th December. Yes, December. This would be my very first post for december. I'm gonna start going for tuition classes today. I'm having additional Math tonight.

So far, I've been not managing my time well. This school holidays is actually no relaxing time for me. I have to finish my form 4 syllabus, improve my piano exam pieces, strengthen my clarinet basics, upload my song covers on youtube, keep in good shape, do some revisions, prepare form 5 stuffs and some other.

I did upload two song covers, It Hurts-2ne1 and Rondo in C minor-Beethoven which were meant to be upload a couple of months ago. There was a long delay because I didn't know how to adjust the brightness of my videos. I know, that's a serious case. Somehow, after a couple of months, which was lately, I finally found a way to edit videos faster and easier. Youtube nowadays has provided a video editing feature and gave external links for online video editing. So, thank you youtube for making this work. You're a life saviour as I don't need to install a video editing software. Well I did have the existing video maker/editing software built in in my Imac. I tried using it, but there were problems here and there with the application. This might be because of my outdated version of iMac. I'm using iMac 06.

These are the videos I mentioned.

I suck, YES! BIG TIME.

I have another video coming. Here's the sneak peak or shall I say the original version of which I'm gonna make a cover of it.

It's Don't Say Goodbye by Davichi.

Till then, ttfn!