Sunday, August 9, 2009

Learn Japanese without saying a word..

This is the most awesome lesson you wil ever learn. It's fun to say and kind of funny to me. haha.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

En pointe' (new ballet pointe shoes.)

hey there.. It's 11 pm. I'm kinda bored. AND guess what? I'm posting something interesting today..! OK. so this is it. Currently, I'm taking INTERMIDIATE foundation in ballet. In this level, I'm learning pointe and demi pointe works. It's kinda interesting. I've been waiting for this time to come for so long. Consequently, I have managed to pointe on my pointe shoes. It's sUPER PAINFUL. Well that's a reward for ballerinas. We must feel pain and enjoy the pain in order to look beautiful in our moves.

Starting from this level onwards, I would have to do ballet stretching AT LEAST once a day. Cay u imagine!?!? yeah it's hard. Ballet isn't easy as it seems.
Anyway, coming back to pointe shoes.. Do you know in front of the pointe shoes is FLAT?? Flat surfaces helps a ballerina to stand on their toes, but it still hurts to pointe just like that on surfaces. You'll be needing a toe pad to pointe smoothly on a surface so it won't be too painful.
Not anyone can go on pointe without an expert or a ballet teacher's help because accidents will happen anytime. You're taking a high risk of getting a sprained ankle if u simply go and buy a pair of pointe shoes and try to do pointes.

HAHA.. do i sound a bit consious? Well... I do. Because I have waited for 5 years to go on pointe. It's painful to wait. But i did wait and wait and wait. UNTIL i have finally gotten to pointe. Huh.. I'm so thankful..

P/s; Don't YOU EVER TRY TO STEAL my POINTE SHOES away from me! U got that clearly?