Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Built in cat-rice cooker..

FYI, this is my dear 'Jasmine Legola's favourite cuddly bed. haha. IN THE RICE COOKER! Not to mention, she litters inside the flower pot. There used to be a little greenery at my house's mini backyard. But then, jasmineee she does her job there. AND yeah, all the greeneries becomes muddiess..

no matter how old she's getting and how NYANYUK she is, she will always be my favourite and mosttttt beloved cat.. ;D

p/s; i have 8 cats now. :O

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Words I'll never forget..

"Someday, we will both be adults and pursue career of our own choice. Our world may change but one thing that will never change is my thoughts of you -you will always be the best friend who I treasure and love the most".