Monday, April 26, 2010

They best day!

today is 26th APRIL 2010.. .... officially the day I turn fifteen 15. Alhamdulillah. Thnk u god.

Seriously I would never forget this very meaningful day.. Firstly I would like to say thank you to my mom and dad especially mom, (mak) who gave birth to me 15 years ago on April 26th, year 1995 at 6.45 in the evening. I love you mom. classmates, schoolmates, ex schoolmates and to all who wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Thanks for remembering my birthday. I appreciate it.

It's 6am. my phone alarmed. Hey, wait a second, It's my birtday today.. haha. With a big smile on the face, saying "yay! i'm fifteen!!" Without a hesitating, I grabbed the mouse computer and open itunes then quickly click on play. Fifteen by Taylor Swift.
haha. thnks taylor for composing tht song. ;D

Thnks again to president AMB whose the most SEMANGAT. wish terlebih awal.. haha.

mirashibuya&haziqnizam FOR THE AIN MAISARAH..
Love it.

Friday, April 16, 2010


this evening, i ate some bakwans (indonesian food also known as cucur in malaysia) about 5-7 of them after half an hour of eating rice and other side dishes.. then I continued reading my so called can't-seem-to-stop-reading, novel. i'm so addicted tht i accidently fell asleep with my full tummy. When I woke up, i thought it wasn't any late but then i just realized tht it was already 8.50pm! omg. how long did i slept? the worst thing is tht i slept during the maghrib prayers! I had this heavy head after tht.
apa lagi!? i quickly rushed to the toilet a.k.a bathroom for wudhuk thereafter put on my telekung.

LESSON LEARNT TODAY: don't sleep after just a whilee eating, especially in the evening. *u won't feel any good after waking up.
*in fact i'm still yawning..