Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time flies like a dash!

Without a doubt, time is really not gonna wait for anyone. Is this really happening? Is this reality? I am not really sure.
Next year, i'm gonna face something really important as a student.

It's already November coming to December already. I really want to use this holiday period to do all my tasks. My final school exam had just ended last week. Results will be out in two weeks time. It's really coming to my nerves! I really think that I had given my best shot. Hopefully I will get to reach my target.

Lately, I've been practising music really hard. Writing new songs, creating electone variations. Ouhh yeah! I almost forgot. I will be having another electone concert again on the 12th of december. I hope I will be able to perform well. ;D Ganbatte masu!

hurm. I also spend some time on my LOG BOOKS/Scrapbook for Girl Guides' Queen's badge Program. It's kind of boring but I'm forcing myself to do so.

OKE desu. Ja Ittekimasu minasan. Matta ne! I'll be posting again next week!