Saturday, April 11, 2009

g FOR whatt? G-SLIDE! yeahh..

Can u see the above photo of 7 hot and smokin' girlS?? yeah... & Why are they dressing like that? Here's all the answers to it.
It's 4th April 2009. We performed a HIP HOP dance for Girl Guides Association World Thingking Day. It was held at the DBKL Auditorium. We've been practicing it at school for 2 months. Who Choreographed it? Overall we all did it but the first 2 and 3 parts i did. It does sounds a bit weird n funny, but in reality, we could actually dance. Not just a dance but it's hip hop dance that requires a lot of movements, flexibility, stamina and also effort. I'm very very proud of all the girls in the dance including me. We have done a super great job! I had my friend recorded our hip hop dance and uploaded at Youtube.
Here.. Watch this video and enjoy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

current favourite drama..

OMG! Boys Before Flowers also known as Hana Yori Dango Korean Version.

Love it! <3 one of the best drama's i've seen. Great storyline although it's a bit rushing at the end of the drama, hot actors and actress. Sometimes it's kind of funny but there were times it was really TOUCHING. It's funny too that I cried watching the sad part of this drama. It kinda shows that i'm an Emo person but i'm not that emo okayy..

The F4 dudes.. huh.. can't stop staring at them. Cair... hehe.. They are flower 4. Known as the greatest people in Shinhwa High.
LEE MIN HO, my darling as Gu Jun pyo, the leader of the F4 group. Next is KIM HYUN JUNG, my sweetheart as Ji hoo Sunbae. Kim Bum as Yi Jung and last but not least is Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin. I admired Lee Min ho the most. although in the drama he has a very Mean personality but deep inside he is SWEET n Caring.

hehe. what a cute plus adorable face she got there. She is the main character in this movie. She'a cutie pie.
I love her brave, cute and loveable character in this drama. she's cool... BUT i envy her coz she kissed lee min ho more than 20 times in this drama.

I wrote this blog as one of my unforgettable entertainment...
n one more last thing.

The cutest couple ever. Jun PYO n JAN di