Sunday, April 10, 2011

Current updates and some twitter and tumblr

Hello, Hi and Assalamualaikum. I'm very sorry for not updating my blog for a long time. I've been busy. But sometimes, i'm kinda lazy to update or posts new entries. haha. As you can see, I've changed my blogger template to a simpler one.

So, How am I doing? I'm doing urmm, well, err, kinda, sorta, well, managable. I'm still actually struggling to cope up with things lately. With school homeworks, curiculums/extra activites at school, tests, exams, piano, clarinet, tuition. (biasalah, high schoolers) Well, u gotta do what u gotta do. Mid terms are around the corner. Less than a month. I have to do something extraodinary to improve my grades. Yeah, yeah, i'm in one of the top classes with a bunch of smartest smarty pants there. Lots of competition i tell you. But one question, have I start studying? well, err that, yup. a lil tiny weeny bit. I studied Physics just now. The subject that i'm worst at. Too much of formula going on here in my head. I did try to understand them, why this why that.
But I still think it's not enough, I need help from the experts, a Physics tutor who is capable of taking me to the real world of physics so that I could bear in mind, stick it in my brain. huhh.

Well enough about that, lately i always online my twitter account. I got addicted to twitter soo much. from 50 tweets to 360 and above now. I find twitter more interesting and addicting than facebook that is soooooo 2009. hahah. Meanwhile, I'm also addited to tumblr. Sorry blogger, no offense, i still love you. But tumblr! A newcomer! well not that new, I had my tublr account since last year. exactly last year, April 2010. At first, I made a tumblr account for me to write about that certain someone (like a diary)
but now, I've been following a few people, two of them are my friends and the other are from some random users. As i said just now, it's like a diary, but now i've been reblogging photos, not just any photos but mesmerizing, breathtaking photos from the other tumblr users. Since that, I discovered how much exciting, fun tumblr could actually be!