Thursday, May 27, 2010

yeayy! oh wait no yeay for me. :((

ahoyy there.. It's been a while since I update my blog.
Sorry bloggie. I'm busyy likeee sooo super busy.
Diagnostik test just ended. yeayy! No school tomorrow! yEAHH again.
I've been busy with books lately. Anyhow, the mid term exam dah habis. That's a YEAY!

So I will have more time with keys & strings...(piano) Fundamental exam is like 2 weeks left! And I'm not even 50% ready..
I failed my trial exam though. In fact everyone who took the exam failed. Good for you Umai. NO YEAY for you. :((
Now u have to at least spend an hour each day making friends with music. Your fingers are getting weaker. Scales... Come back to me. I will love you back.
I absolutely don't want a retake. Not my style at all. So start working on your singing, accompaniment, tansposition and theory!

okay, okay. I'll do it, i'll do it.