Sunday, June 19, 2011

My current obsession

okayy, this is kinda random ahuhh, my current obsession is pashminas. I'm sooo into them now. I wear them as a Hijab not like a scarf and it does make a pretty good Hijab. My friends said that i look good on it. Pashminas were originally quite expensive, they could reach about 100. But I could get em for like 15 bucks and the quality is really good too. You could make like many different hijab styles with it.
haha yeah, that's about it, it's kinda random.

Le surpriseee!

18th June, my mom's birthday. This year's was unlike the previous years. I did a surprise party for my mom, and I'm like the organizer. It turned out smoothly as planned. I planned this 2 weeks before which was during the first term school holidays.
I was soooooo excited about it and Alhamdulillah I managed to coorperate with my lil bro for this lil surprise party.

The day before the party, I went to Wangsa Walk the nearest mall from my house, I bought the cakes, fresh flowers and presents there except for the balloons, i bought it at a small supermarket near my house. My bro, me and my maid took a cab to the mall.
Then, we went back home after getting all the things for the party.
On the day, my brother and I pretended to forget our mom's birthday. We didn't wish her YET. At 9 in the morning I followed my mom to buy breakfast. Around the 10. 30 my mom had to go somewhere, probably an appointment with her customer. Huhhh, thank GOD we had plenty of time to set up things before she went back around 1.20pm. I spent those time hanging the balloons at the wall, preparing the cake, cleaning, arranging things and stuffs. By 12.30 everything has been set up and I only have to wait for my mom to come home. I waited upstairs at my room and streamed online dramas like i always did.

at 1.20pm my brother knocked on the door and told me that mom's back! Without wasting a sec, I rushed downstairs and lit the candles on the cake and ready with my party popper. We switched all the lights off, and the curtains too. We waited, at the door and take a peak to see my mom, she was still in the car. fewwhh, Okay then it was about time she went out of the car and heading towards the main door, my heart was pumping soo fast, she was on the phone at that time. 3 seconds after that, she opened the door and I pulled the party popper's string and SURPISEEEEEEEEEEE!

She was stunned, thrilled, amazed, she didn't expect any suprise parties from her children. She was like smilinggg the look on her face was soo cheerful. I'm soo glad that she love the surprisee.

Friday, June 3, 2011

First week of hols

Hey it's me mate! Long time huh. It's school holidays now, almost entering the second week. What I've been doing? Did I used my time wisely? or otherwise? haha.

As soon as school holidays started, I went for a school annual camping trip at Taman Negara, Pahang. It was one of the best camping trip I've ever went to. Worth 200 bucks. I admit, from the camp I came to have more appreciation towards nature.
The camp was for 3 days. I got home that night on Monday.
I slept for 11 and a half hours from 12 am until 11.30am. How exhausted I was after the camp. I didn't do anything much that day.
Homeandhome all day. It was my resting day after all the shizz.

The following day, Wednesday. The day I've been pretty much waiting for. ;D I went to Sunway Lagoon with my classmates. My class, 4 Bina had been planning since 2 weeks before school holidays started. My form teacher was there too, En Fairuz. He was really excited to go out with his dear students. Only less than a quater made it that day. How sad. But we had much fun there even though with only 9 of us including our teacher. It was an unforgattble trip with my beloved classmates, i hope we could do this again in the near future.

On Thursday, I went on a date with my two girlfriends, Adibah and Amirah. Adibah, came a long way from Terengganu. She's in KL now until saturday. We spent time watching a movie, bowling and shopping at one of the nearest shopping mall from mi casa. A greaaat day it was. I hope dibah will upload the photos soon. ^.<

Today. Woke up at 9. Had breakfast with my mom and my lil bro at a mamak place. Got home, turned on my computer and watch half episode of Secret Garden, fell asleep after that. I slept until 3.30pm. I don't know why am I sooo tired and sleepy all day. The next hour, I went downstairs to have my lunch and then continued watching City Hunter's latest episode.
I'll be going to JB tomorrow there'll be a relatives' wedding and less likely I might stopped by SG, but I haven't packed a single thang.

Alrite I have to go shower now and pack things for tomorrow. I'll be posting a new entry and InsyaAllah, if God's willing, I will do my first own vlogger after I got back on monday or tuesday. Till then.

Much love, Umai.