Friday, August 27, 2010

aww... lost and found

As I was searching for something, the place was all scattered..
I found an old photo.. It was in 2002. I was 7. haha. I didn't even remember it existed.
Such a bad memory. -.-'
Anyway, i find it very precious. so why not, upload it. ;D

yeay! err. no yea.. ;(

Trial exam has just ended.
After 2 weeks of stress..
yeah! mini independence for me!
Wait till the REALLL Battle really begins. o.O
About 40 days left..
Am I reallt prepared??

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gaynor Pointe Shoes (mine ;D)

One of the best Pointe Shoes in the world.. it's a Gaynor Minden..
It's classic.. Hopefully this helps me with the arch.. and passed intermediate Foundation RAD..(have to get down to it) ;D