Thursday, March 12, 2009

exhausting week...

It's a very DAMN tiring week for me.. I took part on the KAWAD KAKI competition and the Hip Hop Dance for the girl guides thingie... It takes a lot of sacrifices, energy, willing and lots more..
I'm fully studying in class only on Monday n Tuesday and the remaining days I'm practising for the whole day...
starting from wednesday, i come to school at 10 am (i ussualy go to school in the afternoon) for practise untill 6 pm...
on Thursday.. i went earlier at 8 am for the dance practise.. rest for only half n hour then i'll be practising for Marching..
The next day, Friday.. it's the same as thursday..
i went back home at 7.. take a shower, pray, dinner n homework! tons of them.. huh....
Actually i'm trying to get used to it.. Because I'll be doing this for 3 months time..
I think i'm getting more & more active in KOKO activites these days.. I'll try my best to catch up with my studies although the past test i didn't achieved my targets.. that's okay.. I'm learning to face difficulties in my life starting from now on..
It's never too late..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

haha.. yeah i had a great time..!

1st march. One of my happiest days.. it's my friend's birthday party. I really really could never deny that I laughed until i felt like crying.. It felt so great when all my friends were there beside me and we spended the whole day together doing crazy n funny things.. I don't know somehow i felt much better than i do before this. I felt as if i'm healed from the sadness i've been through these days. Anyway back to the main topic. It was a beach themed birthday party but i'm not wearing acording to the theme at all... ouh i forgot about the birthday girl, suci..(mywengsbestie)..She looked very pretty wearing an orange pario.. duh.. ofcourse the birthday girl looked the prettiest on her birthday.. All the ladies who came to the  party were Farahin, Dhania, Areena, Syuhadah, Shamira, Izyan, Michelle, Shakinah, Fhaten and Alyaa Akma.. They were all my close friends at school.. Moving on to the boys. They were farhan, asyraf, haikal, hafiz and naquiddin.I know.. more girls than boys were. I'm so full after eating a bunch of spaggeties.. I think out of all the guests, i ate the most! haha.. and drank a lot too.. After eating.. We played games like limbo rock, dance battle, truth or dare, marrige, proposal and divorce.. It's very exciting.. I bet all of them had a great n enjoyable time.. 2 hours later we went for a swim, but i didn't because i didn't bring my bikini along with me.. hahah.. kidding! u think i would purpposely wear a bikini with all the boys there.. ah aa.. no way MAN! i didn't bring my swimming suit along coz i was in a hurry.. only some of the boys swam n only 2 girls who swam..i wish i could join them.. Unfortunately for me n for them.. The clouds turned grayish n it started to rain heavily, heavier n heaviest! so we just had to go back to suci's house  n take a break. They seemed a bit dissapointed..   We had photos taken by our ms photographer Yeen..The photos were awesome especially the GROUP PHOTO.. No wonder.. She used the gigantic NIKON camera..  Seriously.. it was a great moment for me n for them yet it's " hontou ni wasurenai.." means really unforgettable.. =D