Friday, January 8, 2010

First week of School.

it's friday, almost 11 pm.
I'm so tired, but i'm willing to post a little something of school.
Well, It's a very tiring week for me. Especially during monday till wednesday, I had this 3 days of activites at school tht I have to stayback until 6.45.. Can u just believe it? Spending the whole day at school when there's Icy mountains on top of HOMEWORKS..
By the time I arrived home, it was 7. I would rushed to the shower then of to the maghrib prayers. I have like 3 hours more to homeworks but, I have to spend some time with my unindependent brother to like accompany him, this and that etc. etc.

It took almost an hour and a half for that. And only then, I can start with the homeworks. It's just the first week I have loads of hws given by the teacher. UGHHH. it's gonna be a stressing year for me......

*eyes are about to close.

gtg. I'm so of, of the computer rite now..............

Saturday, January 2, 2010

goodbye 09'.. Bonjour 2010!!

Today is the second day of 2010. Wow. Time sure flies. School holidays felt like just a week.
School will be opening for another 2 days. I can't waiTT!
When I woke up in the morning, I always tried to open my eyes wider to make sure that i'm really awaken from this real world. And I've realized tht I've grown so much. I'll be 15 this year! But this year's challenge will be PMR.. AWHHH.
I'll work my ass of for that. ouhh YEAHH!
Each of every second there's more hardships and challenges tht i'm gonna be facing. I know that very well.
Ughh, life's sure is hard.. But if u just know the right thing to do you will definitely be on top of it.

I promise I will work extraextra hard this year onwards. 2010.. I'm ready to fight with you!

GTG people.. GOT some tasks and mission to accomplish also dreams and goals to achieve..

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."
By Walt Disney.