Tuesday, January 1, 2013

City Lights

Bonjour 2013!  I am turning 18 this year. Can't wait!

   Last night, which was new year's eve, I went to have dinner with my family at some Mamak restaurant nearby. About 9.30 after dinner, I went to one of my close friend's house, Fina. My other friends also gathered there. We sat on the chair in her house's porch and talked about how we were spending our holidays, universities, colleges and scholarships.

   By 11pm, one of my friends drove to pick our pizzas at Dominos and went straight to the planned destination.  It was somewhere near Bukit Antarabangsa and Ukay Perdana, there was a hill where you can see the whole KL city, KL Skyline. It was definitely a breathtakingly beautiful view up there. The colourful lights at night. While waiting for the fireworks to start, we ate our pizzas and onion rings.

   When it was almost midnight, we stood up and started  counting down till new year. However before we even started the count down, we could already see fireworks from Genting Highlands, they were quite early. The best thing was that we could see fireworks from a few different places. There were from klcc, Stadium Merdeka, the Curve and many others.

   Oh forgot to mention that there were also a family of Wild Boars on the hill. Everyone was scared that the wild boars would chase us off but it turned out they were harmless. Give them a break, they wanted to celebrate 2013 too.

       These people were the ones I celebrated the New Year with. Great, awesome friends.