Thursday, December 22, 2011

TwentyPlenty hours With Adani

Morningggg. 9.42 am, THRS. Adani just went back. Twenty hours felt so short. She came yesterday at somewhere around 1 pm. We had a sleepover planned since the school holidays just started.Finally Wednesday which was yesterday was the perfect day and timing. The first thing we did was bake macarons. She wanted to learn making it from me as I successfully able to make them even though it's not really perfecto. We spent about 3 hours or so in the kitchen baking them. It was pretty great because before this I used to bake macarons alone which needed plenty of help. Despite the little disturbance in the kitchen, my cats and my brother who helped to mess and annoy us, we managed to bake a small round french cookies with purple and orange colours and you know what that is, Macarons. The first activity went well. Actually I had all this sleepover activites listed. These were the things I listed : 1.Bake Macarons 2.Watch a Movie 3.Make-over 4.Girl talk 5.Cam-whore-ing I know how girly it everything were on the list. What to do, we're still girls, teenage girly girls. In the first place, I did invite Mira and g-ha, ma other two girlfriends to this sleepover because Dani thought it would be awkward if it was only the two of us. This I think, the first or second time Dani sleepover at my house so she was a lil shy. haha. Ouh back to what we did after baking. We went upstairs to my room to perform the Asar prayers. Then, I asked her whether she wanted to watch a movie, she said anything at all. We watched 500 days Of Summer, only halfway because she seemed not to enjoy the movie that much. I chose something else to do. Unexpectedly, I found my last ballet concert's DVD where I performed a HSM song with my ballet classmates. Adani had been interested in ballet since we were in primary where I showed her my ballet tights, leotards and etc. We watched the DVD for a while, showed her the dress I wore during the performance. Later then, I opened the iPhoto app on my computer. I have all the photos since 2006. We looked at the old photos of us together when we were in primary. It was kinda funny to see how we used to look back then, with our tudung's not in place, how chubby my cheeks was, how cute adani looked and also our classmates photo during primary. They looked so different compared to now, those who used to be short had grown really tall, those who looked cute had grown into a manly and tough guy. Haha. We missed everything we saw in the photos. Good times, good memories. 15 mins before maghrib, we went downstairs for a cup of tea and ate some of the macarons we baked just now. Then, we went back upstairs to shower and to perform the maghrib prayers. As soon as both of us were done, I had all my make-over kits prepared. I bullied adani and made her as a doll. LOL. Poor Dani. To enlighten the make-over mood, I pretended to be the host of a make-over reality tv show. It was hillarious. I exaggerated a lil bit more, I told dani, I was the director, producer, camerawoman, make-up artist of the show. I had the idea from a reality tv show Tangkap Muat and Plain Jane I begin the make-over by applying a very dramatic eye-liner and sparkling gold and orange eyeshadows. Then, I continued with the eyebrow, mascara, blusher and pretty peach glossy lips. Puff here and there, we're DONE! She looked like a hollywood celeb. An absolute transformation! Adani was surprised to see her make-over. I had to put myself some make-up on too as we're going to do the next fun part, PHOTOBOOTH! We made all kinds of retarded facial expressions in front of the camera.
After the make-over
Later that night, my mom took us both for a dinner. It's a pretty late we were having. We went to NZ instead of Al-kader, the nearest Mamak restaurant as it was fullhouse. Then, it was a about time for us to go back. It was almost midnight by the time we got back from the late dinner or shall we say supper. We took a lil bit of time to edit our photos. We even did a GIF photo. Before we hit the sack, the last activity of the day was a late night MOVIE! This time, we watched A Walk To Remember, a movie adapted from Nicolas Sparks' novel. Great movie. It was almost 2am in the morning. Both of us were sleepy. We said goodnight to each other and hit the sack. We got up at around 8. I wanted to sleep more actually. haha, but adani woke me up. She had to leave early. So, quickly we prepared ourselves for breakfast downstairs. My mom made us scrambles eggs and a cup of coffee. So english. Not long after that, Adani received a phone call from her parents. So that's where she had to leave. Wished she could stay longer. Anyway, we had a frasometastic sleepover!
Yeayy! That's all folks! Thanks for reading this long entry.


  1. so beautiful, both of youuuu! :)

    salaam from Indonesia,