Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sayonara 2011

Today's the last day of 2011. 31st December. 2011 has been a great year for me. There has been a lot of ups and downs I've gone through throughout the whole year. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah, for letting me, for still giving me the oppoturnity to breathe to still see the world up until now. I've just watched the final episode of Maharaja Lawak Mega, my mom, my bro and myself have never missed the show. Osbon, my favourite comedian won. Soo glaaad. Anyway, back to the topic for this entry, about leaving, having to say goodbye to 2011. Being in form 4, has been a great starting point, a new challenge for me. It was a rough start. However, Alhamdulillah, despite the hardships, the hecticness, tears, joy, sweat and blood (okay, I exagerated a bit, I didn't hurt myself aite) Haha. I love my class, 4 Bina, which was the best class in form 4 wait no, the whole school! I love how I had a group of classmates of multiracial. They were all very sporting, open-minded and a bunch of smarty pants. One of the most vivid memories, sweet memories of us together as one team, was when we disected frogs. It was a whole lot of fun. Everyone was scared of the hopping froggy, but as soon as drops of chloroform has been poured on the container, the frog became unconcious, and everyone was excited to see what was inside it (the frog).
Ouh and my class was a bit special as mine was the chosen class for the exchange student. An Argetinian girl named Carolina. She was really hermosa muchos hermosa, which means very beautiful in Spanish. She wasn't that fluent in english as she speaks Spanish full spanish in her country. At first, we have to use sign language, drew on a piece of paper so that she could understand. It was amazing having her there, a challenge for us to teach her Bahasa. There was this evening, she came to my friend's house which was quite nearby mine, so I decided to cycle to her house. As I was on my way, I bumped into carolina and my friend. They were taking a stroll along the neighbourhood. Suddenly I had this idea. I asked Caro whether she wanted to sit at the back of my bike? And she was okaay with, but she did say she was very heavy, but then I showed her my not-that-muscular biceps. Haha. So yeah, it was a fun evening, I even invited her to my house, dropped by a grocery store, Hero.
That was some of the unforgettable memories with my classmates. Ouh and there was one more, when my class did a trip to Sunway Lagoon. Sadly, not more than a quarter of the class could joined. Only nine of us including our dedicated form teacher. To list, write, type everything here would made a loonngggg boring post. And I bet no one would be able to stay that long facing their computer screens.
Not forgetting my dear beloved friends whom I spent time with for the whole 2011. You girls and guys were irreplacable. ;)

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