Monday, December 12, 2011


I was soo excited to post this entry. Inhale, exhale, pheww. Okee so here goes. Last Saturday, after a couple of months asking my mom, pestering her to teach me driving or maybe just give me the chance to drive. Yeah, alhamdulillah, I managed to make my mom promise that she will teach me during the school holidays.

All these years, I've always had a dream that I drove an SUV alone in some highway and mostly me driving in my dreams. Finally, the day has come where I got the chance to sit in the driver's seat, held the steering wheel, stepped on the brake and clutch. haha I know how 'Jakun' I sounded. Well, I'm already sixteen! Most sixteen-year-old in the USA, have had their own car and driving license. I'm not asking for a car at this age, I mean being able to drive with a license is already enough. There's only 4 months away before I can get my driving license. I'm soo excited!

Some of my friends, they have given the permission to drive to go to the grocer, the convenience store or even the petrol station. I envy them.
So finally that night, at precisely 11 .30 pm, mom drove us to the nearby playground. The road around the playground was quite easy to drive plus it was near midnight so the road was empty. I took the chance to drive. And so I did, very slowly, according to mom's instructions. I was quite bad at taking a turn. It was a great first experience. Maybe the next time I'm going to learn reversing and parking the car.

Ouh, before I end this entry, I think I'm going to share a lil bit of my unforgettable moments. I was 11. My family and I just came back from somewhere, that was before we reached home. My dad stopped by our neighbour's house. We waited in the car. It only took a while until he got back into the car. I was sitting at the back. Then, suddenly he asked me whether I wanted to try driving. I was like dad? seriously? I got excited and quickly shifted to the driver's seat. My dad said, "okay, ready?" I nodded. Without any briefing or instructions from my dad, I put my hands on the steering wheel, quickly stepped really hard on the clutch. The car went vroom, dashed only for seconds then, there was a cracked, thumped sound. I hit something! It was my neighbour's flower pot. Damn, I'm soo in trouble. Luckily the pot was an old, unwanted pot by the side of the road. Huhh. My parents didn't scold me as they know it was my first time and I was quite young.

Haha, so yeah, that's about it. ^.^ seeya folks!

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