Friday, February 24, 2012

Me, being a Senior.

Hellohellohello. Are you excited? Cause I'm excited.. to post an entry. haha. I haven't update for quite some time. You have no idea how hectic is being a form 5 or shall I call senior. Yeah, I'm a senior. It feels so great to be one. You can walk, talk, laugh all you want when there's only juniors below you. You will tend to have the senior kind of power, conqueror. Muahaha. Nahh, I'm quite nice to my juniors. I respect them so they can respect me too. I feel like a hugee sister at school. Huge as in eldest, not size. Ouh forgot to mention, I'm placed in 5 Bina this year. 3 years of high-schooling I owned the title of Binaian's from 1 Bina, 4 Bina to 5 Bina. I'm glad actually, I was kind of a little expecting 5 Azam at first, but then I'm thankful to be 5 Bina with all my peeps there. 5 azam and Bina has no difference in IQ level or academics. Both of them are the top classes. That's pretty much about the beginning of my senior life. I'm going to cherish the last days of being a high schooler. And also my one and only goal for this year, STRAIGHT A's in SPM 2012. Amin.