Friday, September 25, 2009

Raya Days.

This Year's raya celebration was a lot different from the past years. I decided to follow my mom back to her hometown in Pontian, Johore. We took off at the last day of Puasa at 5 pm, and arrived at 11 pm. Actually KL to Johore isn't a long trip and there wasn't any jammed. It's because we stopped along the way a several times. There was a time we stopped to break-fast/BUKA PUASA and my mom did felt a little sleepy during a late night drive so we stopped again to let mom sleep for a while.
And after hours driving, ALHAMDULILLAH.. We arrived at my grandparents(relative's grandparents as both of my mom's parents were dead) in Benut.

The next day.. YEAH RAYA! I could feel the Hari Raya atmosphere here. It's very warm. I had the chance to take some photos of myself and my mom during raya's morning.

IN the afternoon, we visited my late grandparents grave near Parit Semerah, and after that we visited my mom's relatives' house at the Pontian region. Hoouses to houses.. There's about 6 houses we viisited in the first day of raya. I did get a few DUIT RAYA from my relatives.

The second day, almost the same as the first day only that we moved to stay at my mom's cousin's house. We visited up to 5 to 6 houses too and did get a few DUIT RAYA and i'm wearing a casual outfit no longer baju kurung.

The 3rd day, only 2 houses visited because it's already late in the evening. We managed to visit my old neighbour in Jalan Dato' Ali, Pontian which now staying in Taman Megah. I met Ijjah. My childhood friend since I was 5 years of age. We're the same age. It's already about 8 years i didn't get to meet her and finally i did. Our meeting is very short cause we had to visit another house.

The 4th day. VERY depressing. It's the last day we're in JOHORE. The last day in my mom's hometown, we went to my mom's relatives in Johor Bahru. The raya atmosphere is a bit different as it's in the city side. After visiting a house, my mom drove us around JB. We went to Danga Bay for a while which I could see Singapore from there across Selat Tebrau. It's very beautiful.
Originally, we went there just to look around but because of my brother's stubborness, we rent a family bicycle and went for a bicycle ride for two. My brother and I cycled along Danga Bay, took a train ride around Danga Bay. It's one of my enjoyable moments. Before we went back to Benut, we ate dinner at some restaurant in Danga Bay.

The 5th day, we say goodbyes and farewells to my relatives house that we're staying in. We went back to KL after that and managed to stopped by my mom's cousins house on the way back to Kl before passing a toll.

And that was the raya days i had.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Don't leave me Ramadhan!

Ramadhan...Why do u have to leave me? Why do you have to leave so hastily? I treasure all the memories i had during the whole ramadhan.
This ramadhan is full of sorrow, melancholy. It's not the same as last year. Last year was merrier, but this year is a little less than that.
During sahur time, I would eat with both of my parents and my brother. But this year there's only three of us eating together as a family.
In the evenings, I would go to the Ramadhan's Bazaar, nearby our house with my mom and dad. but this year I accompanied my mom to the bazaar.
During fast breaking, we would eat together until our stomach was full. but this year, we ate quietly and stop eating when we felt like we want too.
During Isyak prayers and Tarawikh, my dad would drive the car to the mosque that we always went to. but this year, my mom and I did it at home.

The situation during last year's and this year's Ramadhan have lots of comparison between them.
Eventhough it sound a little frustrating and sorrowful, it's already apart of life that i have to face one day.

Ya Allah, berkatilah segala keikhlasanku beribadah kepadamu di dalam bulan ramadhan ini dan berkatilah hidup kedua ibu bapaku.