Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two days and One night with ma loves

Haloo, sorry for not updating, although my exams ended like a week ago. Yeahh, party hard eyh? As soon as I passed the last paper of the last to the teacher in charge, I let out a huge scream inside my heart, can't be too loud otherwise my classmates will see me as a retarded lil fellow. Haha.

Anywho, anyhow, anyway, the party has just begun. Last Sunday which was two days ago during Hari Raya Aidiladha, muhh lovely girlfriends came over. Mira arrived slightly earlier than G-ha. While waiting for G-ha to come, mira and I ate the superblyterrificawesome to-die-for Linguine cooked by my mom. It was the best pasta she ever made. So yeah, the first round I ate 3 full bowls of Linguine. Mira didn't eat much, cause she had eaten. At 7 pm the Diva(G-ha) arrived, she brought Ayam Percik, Lemang and Serunding from home. How sweet. We planned on watching a midnight horror movie later on.

Then, we performed our maghrib prayers and shower. Before leaving for the movies, we performed our Isya' prayers and we were set to go! As soon as we arrived at Wangsawalk Mall, we went to que at the TGV to buy the tickets for Paranormal Activity 3. The line was quite long. Luckily we managed to get the tickets, the seat was a bit near to the screen though. Our movie started at 11.20pm. It was only 9.25 at that time, so went for bowling. Played a game only. I kinda sucked that night, well I've won twice before this, no joke. Unfortunately, I lost. Mira was the winner. We finished the game at 10.30pm and went to NZ since we still have about an hour till the movie starts.

Mira treated us 'Ayam Goreng Panas' which I think tasted better then KFC's. We ordered drinks too. When the clock strucked 11, we walked back to Wangsawalk Mall and went straight to the cinema. Mira and I bought the popcorns. The movie didn't start exactly at 11.20 as there were too many ads and trailers. The movie begins as soon as the light were dimmed and switched off. We brought my KLM blankets from home to cover ourselves. Actually to cover our eyes. G-ha was the most scared one as most of the time she tilted her head against my shoulder and hugged my arm. The movie ended at 00.54am. It didn't really scared the shit out of me. Insidious was more horrifying. Then, I called my mom, and waited outside the building. 15mins later my mom arrived.

Our expression after the movie

We got home at 1.15am, changed to our pyjamas. Later on, we went downstairs to eat the remaining Linguine at the kitchen. G-ha didn't eat as her stomach can't seem to accept midnight meals. It was only me and mira eating. Then, we went back upstairs and brought along pillows and mattress from the store upstairs. When everything was set up and comfortable, we played the game Truth and talked about crushes and other girly stuffs. The game lasted for one hour and a half, mira slept first. Me and G-ha continued playing until it was 3.30am, we slept soundly.

6.40am, my phone alarm rang, we were supposed to get up to perform the subuh prayers, I did hear the alarm, but then my eyes were too heavy and I continued sleeping until 7.30am, I didn't realise. Quickly, headed to the bathroom for wudhu'. Mira and g-ha woke up as soon as finished praying. I went back to sleep after that and woke up at 10.30am and shower. I had to go to Central Market with Fina and Syu to buy badges for my class' annual party. Mira and g-ha followed me there. My mom sent us to Sri Rampai LRT station. We stopped at Setiawangsa to wait for Syu. We arrived there at 1.50pm and headed straight to one of the stalls selling badges there. Unlucky for us, the stall was unoccupied. The stallkeeper wasn't there. We waited for a while and called the number of the at the stall, There was no answer so we decided to ask the stall beside, the guy at the next stall said the stall maybe closed. We had no choice but to ask the other stalls. Finally, there was this one stall, they sell the badges at a cheaper price and we only had to wait for an hour until the badges were ready.

While waiting for an hour to pass, we bought Ice Blended with pearls at Each A Cup. Then, the five of us split. Fina and Syu went to Petaling Street. Meanwhile, the three of us, mira, g-ha and me went to the Surau to perform our Zuhur prayers.
An hour passed, we headed back to the stall. Our class badge was ready by then, The five of us walked to the LRT station until I've bought the tickets and realised that I left my thumbdrive back at the store, so mira accompanied me back to Central Market to get my thumbdrive, we walked quite fast. Alhamdulillah, we managed to walk back to the LRT station and get on the train.
Went straight home after after that. My mom fetched us home.

That evening, the three of us fell asleep while streaming an online movie. We slept at my twin sized bed horizontally. By 7.30pm I woke up to perform the maghrib prayers followed by my two girls. Then, we went downstairs, G-ha wanted to make us Cucur Udang and some tea. It was indeed a nice, warm supper. We danced at the kitchen retardedly.

G-ha's Golded Cucur Udangs

Then, the time had finally came for my two girlfriends go home. Wished they'd stay another night. My mom sent them to their houses and they got home safely.

So that was the fun we had during these 2 days. It was reaaaally indeed an awesome and an unforgettable time of our lives.

p/s; Sorry if this is too long and thanks for actually taking time to read this long entry.
Till then, do wait patiently for the next entry.