Tuesday, June 8, 2010

hey there you, wherever you are, how far u are, you're always there for me rite?

I'll leave everything to fate. I believe in fate.
If we're really fated to be together, then there's nothing to worry about.

What I called a BEAUTY..


hey you, can i have your smile?

awhhh.. That BEAUTIFUL SMILE.. I envy them..
The first thing I look at someone is his/her teeth..
I really really envy those with perfect teeth..


I paused.
"That one sentence just made tears falling down on my cheeks."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Remarkable Day or not.

yawning*.. get up get up! it's 6am. So there i go, off to the bathroom. Put on my GREENISH girlie guides' uniform.
Had nutella spread with bread for breakfast. And off to school. .......

It was a usual wednesday.. Assembly starts at 7.20. Announcements and etc. Then, there's this 15mins briefing about the camping trip i will be going to during the 2nd week of holiday-12th june until 17th... 6days and 5nights..

Briefing finished, off to class. It was History period. I entered the class, heading to the sit at the corner. "Hey, wait". My friends sitting next to me was pointing at my chair that i'm about to sit at. "

EWWW... okay eww. It looks like a someone's urine on my chair. Luckily I haven't sat on it. I had no choice but to switch with the un-used chair at the back. Slowly carying the the chair with urine-like in it. Everyone was staring at me, i'm being the centre of attraction for a split second. I took the chair at the back, and carried the chair to my place. huh.. Finally dapat jugak duduk.

After the bm period ended, it was recess.
Went to the bookshop to bind my art portfolio.
Okay yeay it's binded.. hhehe.
Went straight to the canteen after that and grab a bite on 'OAT CRUNCH'.. Good one.
RECESS ENDED, all the form 3's were supposed to have a BK at the open hall. But not today, the PKP(disabled students) had something sort of like their annual activity at the open hall, playing musical chairs. It's was so damn loud. But it was actually fun watching them playing. On the other hand, there's this one indian boy or any brainless guys at the back of the hall did it.
One of them, I probably think the were bored to death or he might want some attention, he hung his school back at a ceiling fan at the back off the school hall. HE is mad. AND there goes a commotion. huhhh.

Finally, one prefect command us to go back to class. huh. NASIB BAIk..
Entered the class again, heading towards my sit. It's was AGAMA period. Of all the periods, I've been waiting for this subject's period. And that is because.... I will get back the diagnostic's test paper for agama which will decide my grades for this test.
Okay, waiting waiting.. And I heard my teacher(ustazah) called my name to go and get my paper.
And there i go, grabbing my test paper. Slowly, curiously looked at the paper.
90% And it said " Tahniah, teruskan usaha anda..!" YAYY!! AND that means plus another A out of 7A's..
Alhamdulillah. Thnk you God. I was sooo hyper after that.

AFTER the happiness, it was english period, doing literature. We all have to turned our chairs to be in groups of four. hehe. Me sitting in front of CRH a.k.a Lee Chong Wei. haha. I was the only Malay in that group. 3 chinese dudes and one chinese girl. One Malaysia rite?
We were ordered by the teacher to write the themes of the novel that we have read.Luckily i brought the model answeres . So we just copy from that. Who else but me, I'm the one writing on a piece of paper. Then CRH stared at my writing, he spoke to his friend next to him in Chinese. I ignored them, then his friend translated that my writing is so Special.. haha. I was like Nolah... you're joking rite.. Seriously your handwriting looks as if u typed it with computer.
haha. oookay. (soo flattered inside.)

AFTER THE FLATTER-NESS.. it was AS period. The teacher is not teaching. Then Fakhuma sat on an empty chair next to me. He said "Hi".. .. I hi back. He was smiling.
I said " nak duduk ke?" he nodded his head and asked again "boleh ke?".. DUDUKJE LAH.. :D
I was finishing doing my Art portfolio that time. He Offered to help me with the pasting thingy. Boleh je..
Then we chat about our results for the latest test. He congragulated me. I congragulated him back. haha. Based on our last test's results. We did improve.. ;D
After finished with the pasting thingy, he asked me whether he could looked at my art portfolio.

the watch in my hand showed me that it's time to go back! uhm wait guess not.. ada kelas tambahan la pulak.
So then, I went straight to the canteen to grab a bite for lunch. I was sitting with my close friends, areena, fatin, kinah, amira, afieqah, fadzila.. (as usual) Then, my friend, Fatin started a very weird topic about her being the manager/owner of the air toll (tol udara)...and said it was a tougher job than being an astronaut.. It was so random.. BUT laughable. ;D haha. it turned out to be our main topic of the day about the toll girl.

before entering kls tmbhn we went to the surau for prayers.

Kls tmbhan was fun because today's subject was everyone's favourite. And that is Geography..

And so, kls tmbhn ended at 3.45 sharp..
my school van usualy late at wednesdays. So me had another round of mengarut-ness with my buddies..

4.25pm my van arrived, i went back home.

had some papayas before i go to bed..

And that's about it..
My so called remarkable day OR NOT.. Quiet boring and merepek-ness. ;D