Monday, December 5, 2011

Le School Holidays

Hello there, it's Monday , 5th December. Yes, December. This would be my very first post for december. I'm gonna start going for tuition classes today. I'm having additional Math tonight.

So far, I've been not managing my time well. This school holidays is actually no relaxing time for me. I have to finish my form 4 syllabus, improve my piano exam pieces, strengthen my clarinet basics, upload my song covers on youtube, keep in good shape, do some revisions, prepare form 5 stuffs and some other.

I did upload two song covers, It Hurts-2ne1 and Rondo in C minor-Beethoven which were meant to be upload a couple of months ago. There was a long delay because I didn't know how to adjust the brightness of my videos. I know, that's a serious case. Somehow, after a couple of months, which was lately, I finally found a way to edit videos faster and easier. Youtube nowadays has provided a video editing feature and gave external links for online video editing. So, thank you youtube for making this work. You're a life saviour as I don't need to install a video editing software. Well I did have the existing video maker/editing software built in in my Imac. I tried using it, but there were problems here and there with the application. This might be because of my outdated version of iMac. I'm using iMac 06.

These are the videos I mentioned.

I suck, YES! BIG TIME.

I have another video coming. Here's the sneak peak or shall I say the original version of which I'm gonna make a cover of it.

It's Don't Say Goodbye by Davichi.

Till then, ttfn!

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