Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ballet Recital

What so special about this day? what really happened?

4th July, Sunday.. One of the most precious moments kept on mind.. I had my ballet recital on tht day under Jean Gan's Academy of Ballet. It was held at Sivik Hall at 4 in the evening.
Before the big day, i had twice rehearsals which were the pre-rehearsal n the full-dress rehearsal.
This was the second time, me performing ballet. The last time I performed was on 2006 which was 3 years ago.
And now I'm back! haha yeah. The recital held only once in three years.. So it's quite a golden opportunity for me to take part in it.

ouuh yeah, almost forgot, my item was High School Musical-I want it All. Yeah I know it's lame. But this time it wasn't.. Imagined the stage is yours, all eyes, lights and cameras on you. You will have that kind of feeling. A very passionate feeling. And tht's what I really felt on that day. Even though, i'm dancing in teams/groups.. It's really funnn! crazy fun.
My mom did the recording for me, too bad the video was a bit blurish and the lowest video quality ever..

So these are the photos of me on that day..

'On stage'

'A big smile before the performance'