Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Pledge

  Hello there, it's a typical Sunday evening.  The sad thing about today is, it's the last day of the mid term school holidays. I'm still in the holiday-relaxing-as if I don't have a homework to do mode.
For me, I didn't really manage my time well during these holidays especially for an SPM candidate, I should've been working my butts off for the Trials that is less than 7 weeks. I think.
   I haven't really had the realization or self-motivation to really strive for the Big exam. And for that, I need to write a little pledge.

  I Aliah Umairah bt Shamsoor Munawar promise to myself that starting for tomorrow onwards which is the beginning of the second semester, I need to reallyreally do at least a revision of the topics I've learned, execute all the tasks given to me, practice really hard for my ABRSM practical Piano exam grade 8 to achieve at least Merit, put all my heart out during my preparation for the Trials, I need to buck up! get back on track! Get a hold of myself! Reduce internet consumption per day. Last but not least, be a better person. 

 I might not be able to post any entry expecially the looong ones in this coming future. Wish me luck! Till then, Assalamualaikum.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

That really unforgettable moment of my life.

    Hello, Hi, Bonjour. As always, I'm not a very updated person. It's June, my last post was on February. It's been months! It's the mid term school holidays now. The first week of holidays was really incredible. I went to Miri and Mulu which both places located in Sarawak. It's for the annual school trip/camping. To me, it's not like a camp at all, it's like a vacation with a really big family, which I won't get the opportunity to experience that as I have a really tiny teeny little family. What I meant by a BIG family is, my teachers and friends. It's the first time ever for me, getting the opportunity to travel with a friend, taking the flight with them. It's a whole different kind of feeling. Only 8 students including myself, joined the trip. There were about 14 to 15 teachers there. So there were more teachers than students. 

      The adventure started on a Sunday almost midnight. We had to gather at school at 11pm that sunday. We went to LCCT airport by bus from the school an hour later. We reached LCCT around 1.30 am. Our flight was at 7am Monday, so we had an ample time there at the airport. We were supposed to sleep/rest there, but I didn't cause I can't. Maybe I was too excited. The three of us, which were the seniors there, me, mimi and fauza. We went to the Coffee Beans, I bought myself a Vanilla Latte Ceylon Tea which was really heaven on earth. 

   Then, we just rest there, until we were about to check-in our luggages. That moment was when an unforgettable incident occur where the travel agent who were in charge of our trip, asked for our ICs. Only then, I remembered that I've forgotten to bring my IC! How awful that was! My teachers were like how could you forget the most important thing that you were supposed to bring? I started to become panic, couldn't sit quietly. Without my IC, I can't take the plane. They need prove for my tickets. And so, I was forced to call my mom whom was sleeping back at home at 4 am that time, I told her that I've forgotten to bring my IC, and asked her to checked whether my IC was there in my purse at home.  I had no choice,  but to asked my mom to bring my IC to the airport. I really didn't want to burden her especially when she was sleeping soundly at home.  

    Fortunately, she did went to the airport just to send me my IC that I've forgotten to bring along. It was at the very very last second  that needed to prepare to go to the boarding hall. Alhamdulillah, without her, I won't be able to make it to   Miri and Mulu, Sarawak. 
Thank you Mak, I love you so much. I promise that I will repay you someday. oh and thanks to my teachers who waited patiently for my IC to arrive. hehe.

 From that incident, I really really learned a lesson that is to always bring my IC or pasport whenever I'm going anywhere especially when I'm going somewhere far away from home. 
Now you know one of my weaknesses, and that is CARELESS!

  Oh, before I end this entry, I would like to clear something out. Actually this entry was supposed to be for me to write about my trip to Sarawak and how much fun I had there but on a second thought, I've uploaded 1 thousand plus photos on facebook divided into 4 albums. Most of the people had seen the pictures there and if were to write everything about the trip here, it would be a very very long-winded and a boring entry. So I thought about just to wrote a part of the trip that was veryvery unforgettable and important event that occur. 

me standing in front of a very breathtakingly beautiful view in Mulu, Sarawak near a place where we stay.
And this is a very retarded-looking photo of myself enjoying the blissful boat ride 'like a boss'.