Sunday, October 25, 2009

memoirable PRS annual LUNCH.

It's 18th of OCTOBER. The day I've been waiting for. It supposed to be on the 4th Oct but it had been postponed to the 18th.
I really.. missed this day. Full of beautiful memories. I also had a couple of pictures taken during that day. Further more, I did performed. I played the keyboards borrowed from my uncle as I only have a CLASSIC upright Piano and A heavy ELECTONE. I've put on lots of effort for that day's performance collaborating with my seniors. There's two of them, one of them strumed the guitar and the the other one is the singer. I really love working with them especially the guitar strummer. I really.... love people with music minded. Well erm, the performance went out pretty well. I did make some mistakes i hoped no one noticed. It's been a good experienced for me to perform in front of my friends. Glad that my friends enjoyed it.

Btw the food there was GRAWSOME.Means Great+Awesome. I had 4 rounds of eating u know. pheww.. that shows how my stomach could expand.. haha. AND uhmm. I'm so grateful towards those who helped me to carry up the keyboard until the 6thor5th floor. A gratitude to them.

OKay. i think enough for today. I've been so busy preparing up for the coming FINAL EXAM therefore i don't have the time to post this. It's Sunday so i took a lil bit of my free time to post something interesting. ;D

HEHE. JA NE minasan!!!
matta ne!

before that these were the videos and photos taken during the unforgettable day.