Sunday, August 7, 2011

Iftar with Maria Elena ^.^

Last two days, one of my best friend, amirah called me. She sounded really excited, informing about there will be an event held by Maria Elena. Iftar with her. Amirah was sooo excited about it, I was like ouh okay(not showing convincing interest). At first I thought she was referring to nora elina the actress in the previous tv3 drama but then after she hung up, only then I realize it's MARIA ELENA, the famous local youtuber and blogger. I called amirah back and asked her was it Maria Elena? I let out a lil kinda gediks kinda squeal. I'm a fan of hers. I love her videos, I immediately subscribed to her videos as soon as I saw her video for the first time. She has a crazy sense of humor, very open-minded and rasional. I like her as in adore her. Back to on the line with amirah, she was like, "that's what i said just now." We were both excited about it.
She said, in order to iftar with her, there were a couple of steps and we have to participate in her photo contest. We have to send an awesome, creative picture of why we want to buka puasa with her. The next day, amirah came to my house to discuss about the contest. We made a draft on a piece of paper how we're going to come up with an awesome photo. We tried some of my clothes to wear for the photo.
We planned to do the photoshoot tomorrow at some playground. One of amirah's friend will be the photographer and editor.
After amirah went back home last night, she tweeted me saying that we have to take the photo individually. I was like whaat? noooo. I want to do it with her. Unfortunately we have to compete against each other. That's really sad. I could only hope that both of our photos get to be chosen.

me trying out some of hana tajima's pose.

My back hurst while doing this. The editing sucked.

Amirah's idea for the speech bubble captions.

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