Thursday, August 4, 2011

A lil something for thursday.

Olaaa! I just came back from school. Yeah, pretty early. Usually I reached home at 2, but since fasting month started, almost all the schools in Malaysia ended at 12.30. I finished my 2nd test today, well not officially, i have another 2 more papers sivik, and pjk tomorrow but I considered as exam is over. I mean who actually, studied for sivik and PJK? are u mad? hahah. Anyway, I felt relieve after the test, although it was only for 3 days. The first two days was a bit pack, 4 subjects in a day.
The third day, which I considered as the last day, I had only one subject, Chemistry. Chemistry was answerable, nothing to worry about. Yesterday I had english, agama, add maths and bio. The last two subjects made me go insane. Not really that insane. Add maths questions was really tricky. There were one or two questions i left it blank. I don't know why, I loveee add maths. Before this I don't, but now it is one of my favourite subjects. Just now, after chemistry paper ended, my add maths teacher came in to the class. The first thing I saw was she was holding a stack of add maths paper. I was like "don't tell me she have marked them!' Unfortunately she did. And uhhh, I got mine. It was terrible. I knew it would. I almost got a C. That's realllyyy bad. Although there were some who failed, but I felt so down because i never got a B before for add maths, i'm not saying i'm good at it but for mid terms i got an A. And this time, 2nd test I got the lowest B, almost a C. When I got the paper and discussed it in class, I was really mad at myself for making unforgivable CARELESS MISTAKES. In add maths, once you made a teeny weeny mistake, you won't get the right answer for the following question that were always related to the previous question.
sigh* nevermind, we all learned from mistakes right. So the same goes for me too. I will, in the next exam, which is the final exam, I will push that graph to the highest point, what i mean, I will get an A or maybe A+. I know this is a bit demanding but you have to have confidence in yourself that you can actually overcome your previous the mistakes and weakness. InsyaAllah.

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