Sunday, August 21, 2011

An evening to remember

On my last post, I mentioned about the photo contest to iftar with maria elena right? Alhamdulillah. I was one of the top 15 winners chosen based on the number of likes i got. 1150 LIKES. This is all thanks to my friends out there who had support me and made came all this way. Especially my dear friend Amirah Hameizah whose the one made me join the contest. Not forgetting the others as well. Muchas Gracias! Merci beacoup, xiexie, arigatou, kamsahamida, terima kasih and thanks you!

So on the 20th august, the day of the iftar, I woke up quite late as I didn't slept at all for the night until I performed my subuh prayers. Slept for a few hours, got up at 11 am. I was soo excited. My friends who joined the contest with me, Fatin, amirah and Najihah also got chosen as winners. All of us did. How awesome is that. So in the morning we kept on calling and texting each other for the iftar. We were all so excited about it. On that dayy, I misplace my phone. I tried searching for it everywhere, can't find it. I was a bit panicked. I had to use the house phone to call them. WHAT A GREAAAT TIMING TO MISPLACED A PHONE! I blame myself for being careless and forgetful. huhh. At last, I just stop searching for it, and starting to get ready for the evening.

Fatin and Najihah were supposed to come to my house and then my mom fetched us to Amirah's house. Her father will be sending us. And so we did as planned, Fatin arrived at my house at 3.30 pm, I was putting on my make up. I did fatin's make up too. Le Mak Andam of the day. hehe, and then not long after that, Jieya came. All dressed like Hana Tajima. I really envy her maxi skirt.
Then at 4.30pm my mom fetched us to Amirah's house. We were a bit kelam kabut getting all ready, got some problem with our tudung. Time is ticking, about 5, amirah's dad drove us straight to PNB Darby Park. The traffic was a bit slow, but we managed to get there pretty early.

Alhamdulillah, we reached PNB darby park. Not that far. As soon as we got in the building we went straight to the ladies to do some touch ups here and there. After finally satified with our looks, we went straight up to the lift, it was the 39th floor where the 39 restaurant located at. We walked to the restaurant like a DIVA and went to the registrations to register our name.
The place was really nice and cozy ouh and perfected with an awesome view outside. After registering, we went out to see the view. From above we could see KL's city view. It was really windy up there. We saw the other contestants sitting there, and greeted them. It was really nice to meet them in person. We had a lil chit chat and a photoshoot there.

Then it was time that we have to get back inside to sit at our own tables. The Odisi Studio manager did a little briefing. He asked us all the winners of the contest to introduce ourselves. And so we all did. Most of the winners, were college students, around 20 to 24. We four, Fatin, Amirah Najihah and I were the youngest there! Sixteen. It was almost 7 at that time. We were all waiting for the lady of the Evening, Maria Elena to appear. Everyone looked so eager and full of enthusiast to see her. A few minutes later, ta da! Maria entered the room looking really beautiful with her black jubah. We were all like ouh my god! it's Maria! It's her! She was really pretty in person. She walked in and greeted us with her awesome swag to her sit. I sat at the middle, not that bad, I could see her really clearly.
As soon as she arrived, each of us did a little photoshoot and also a video shoot with her. I sounded a little awkward in front of the camera, i was really shy. We all went out of the room to get our food. I took a medium-sized plate of lasagna and some appetizers and went back to the room to break fast. The food as delicious. While eating, we had a little conversation with maria. She told us she was happy to be able to meet all of us. She was touched to see how enthusiastic we were, working hard to get as much LIKES to iftar with her. The hard works really paid off. Then, the manager came to the table telling us it's about time for the group photo shoot. We did the photoshoot outside where there's the breathtakingly beautiful city night view was. Then we went back in to continue eating. After a while, Maria invited us all to the surau to perform our maghrib prayers. And off we go to the surau.The surau was quite far, we have to go out of the building. Alhamdulillah, after the prayers, we went up to the restaurant again, for another round of eating. after our tummies were really full, we played a little game with Maria. The 'Zikir game', it's simillar as the 'Botol' game where u have to say out a zikir word such as Alhamdulillah at every multiples of a given number. We played the game, it was really fun. And guess what, I got the first place! hehe, I won the game. I almost lost at first. There were 3 places for the winner, I was the first. I never expected to win.

After the awesome game, she annouced the Mystery Gift Winner. Before she did, she said she was really touched but this photo. The photo potrayed a strong friendship of two girls and for that she chose the photo. There were two winners. The photo she meant was actually Amirah's photo where we sat on a bench next to each other smiling brightly. I were really surprised when she announce our name, what? we WON? Amirah was like ouh my god, umai!! We won! She was literally in tears.
We got up from out sits and walked to maria, to receive our gifts. We hugged and thanked her. It was really unexpected. Alhamdulillah. We got picked.
The gifts i got,one from maria and the other is from odisi studio. I'm soo happy that i got the satin shawl I've always wanted!
Later on, it was about time for me to go back. Fatin, Najihah and Amirah went back with me. Before that, we managed to have our newly printed photos from the personal photoshoot with maria just now, her autograph. We hugged her again before going back. We walked to my mom's car with the happiest and awesome feeling ever. It was really a remarkable yet unforgettable evening ever.

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