Saturday, February 12, 2011

This is my decision

Lately I've been very active at school. If possible, I would like to join and participate on all the activities that is held at school.
It's not only in school, I have music classes too. But it's something I love so I'm willing to do it even my schedule is kinda packed.
At school, I am very active in girl guides. I love and proud being one. I have to go through all the challenging tasks but fun at the same time. I enjoyed every moments i had during girl guides' camp and activities. I've finished doing the practical Permit Perkhemahan test which I have to organized my own camp and guide the other campers. It's not an easy task. The examiner was very strict. But from this camp, I think I've gained some leadership skills. Speaking about permit, it is 60% of the tasks to become a Queen's guide. I still have another 40-50 % to become a Queen's guide. I've made my decision, I will stop until permit because i think I've gone this far and it's qutie a remarkable experience in completing the tasks. Even though I will stop until here, doesn't mean that I won't participate in guiding activities anymore. I WILL and always until my last days of high school.
I did regret a bit about stopping but I think this is the right decision. I have lots more to focus on. My studies and music lessons especially.

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