Monday, February 14, 2011

Mon-day Bossanova

Hey people! It's monday. As usual, Monday blues... But it's not that bad though. Today's subject was Biology, Physics, maths and Add maths. I'm soo excited Biology was today. I had fun learning about Plasma membrane. Everyone was like soo bored but for me Biology is the coolest subject! I love it! Next was Physics, ermm, it was oookay.
After recess was Mod. Maths. Not bad. I love the fact that it's easier than add maths. It makes me more eager to calculate and solve all the problems in the workbook. From being pretty tired and sleepy, I became more energized.

And the last two periods was add maths. UGHH. every time i heard that 2 words, my brains started ordering me to close my eyes.
Out of 4 quetions, I could only solve 1! 1 out of 4.. I can't imagine what would i get for my first test.
But today's lesson was.. I could catch up pretty well. Even though I had a tough time solving add maths' quetions.
Luckily my seatmate, syu explained to me why this why that. I was like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH. so That's what it was.
It's not really about the difficulties that we cannot do it, but it depends more on what we understand from that certain something.

at 1.10 pm the bell rung, but my class dismissed pretty late, 1.20pm.

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