Thursday, January 20, 2011

slapping ball try outzz..and a lil bit of something.

Yesterday. There was a volleyball try out. It was Wednesday. Usually, I'll be wearing my girl guides' uniform but yesterday, i wore my PRS purple shirt. It's more convenient. So.. I've been waiting since monday for this try out. Right after school ended, there was a small farewell party for my fav teacher and her daughter that is my close friend, they will be moving to Negeri Sembilan. I really don't want them to go especially my fav teacher, the best teacher i've had so far last year was her. She meant a lot to me.
after the farewell party, i took excuse to leave a lil early so that i could go for the tryout that is at 3pm.

I rushed to the toilet to change. I thought I was late because the time shows it's already 3.05! I hate being late. I'm very punctual except for times that is unavoidable to be late.
Luckily when i reach the court, there was no sign of anyone yet. So I waited at the canteen. Meanwhile, one of my close friends asked me to teach him maths. So I did for a while. I'm not really good at teaching people though.

5 to 10 mins later, I saw a crowd of people starting to fill the volleyball court. They were writing their names on a piece of a paper. I rushed to them to write out my name too. Ughh they were sooo many people I have to wait like 20 mins to write my name. and finally, after writing my name on a piece of paper whom people fought for, the teacher who was involve with the try out or (should i call him coach?) blowed the whistle. Everyone gathered around him.
He ordered everyone to make a group of 6 or five and start to play in a circle. He told us to start with the basics of volleyball that are serving and digging. My group and I play and play. until the coach started to call us back and gave instrustions to us.
And yeah.. we were ordered to keep on practicing the basic techniques over and over again because after that, he would call us group by group to see who is qualified to represent the school!
So I kept on practicing with the serving.. overandoveragain until i had my knuckles and palms all swollen.

About an hour later, the coach called my group to be tested by playing at the REAL court. I was sooo nervous.
My friends on the group were chosen. They got through! but me.. I'm still being told to keep on practicing.
so there i go again, serving at the tall kind of devider/wall or something i don't knw how to explain it.
Until the coach said, "Okay.. Now I only need 6 persons left!". Then, he told us to make two lines representing 2 groups to be tested. So there I was on the second line. Huhh.. this is it! here's my last chance to get in. So here comes my turn.. I served the ball. It was a bad one as my hands were really injured. They're swollen like hell. And I said can I try again?
The coach nodded. Huhh. i did a lil prayers before I started. Then, with a deeeeeep breath I served the ball with the techniques i've learned...............

The coach gave me a thumb up and told me to try once more.
And I did the same as before. Again with the thumbs up thing and he asked me to go to the other side of the court.
I couldn't believe at first but I DID IT! I got through to the first round! I hope i would get to represent the school!

Around 6, the try out plus training ended. I went to have a rest at the canteen. My friend whom i taught him maths just now was still there. And still doing his homework.. Soo i took the free time to have a lil chat with him. Meanwhile we went to the public phone to call our parents,respectively to fetch us. After calling, we still have 40 cents left and took that time to prank call on somebody. My Friend played his part as Mr. Rajoo offering english lessons.. I was laughing like hell. But i pity fatin whose being prank called on. sorry fatin... HAHAHA..

I was a lil retarded and hyper at that time. We were laughing, me making stupid jokes. talking about random things.

Until it was time for me and a Friend of mine to go back.

huhh.. What a superb day! I slept at 8pm that night. I was extremely exhausted..

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