Friday, January 14, 2011

Life as a form 4 student

haloooo there.. It's been agesssss since my last blog post. Soo here i am today, sparing some time to write a lil bit of something..

2010 has been a greaaat wonderful and fantastic year for me.
Now 2010 has gone, and here comes 2011..
It's already 2 weeks of schooling in 2011. I'm in the science stream. That's what I've been wanting to take since I was in form 1.
Science stream has 4 classes mainly. And I'm in 4 Bina. I looooooovee my class SO much. It's because of the location.
My class is in the cabin. The cabin is still new. And we're sooo lucky to sit in a new class that is super condusive and a very good environment for studying. In spite of that, I'm a bit sad because i'm not the same class with one of my close/best friends. But I still have my friends from 1 bina, 2 Kreatif, 3Inovatif and now 4 Bina with me.

and now.. moving on to the subjects!
As a science stream student, it is compulsory to take 9 subjects. But i'm thinking of adding one more that is Art.
It's been a week since i've start studying the new science subjects;biology, chemistry physics.
I loveeeee biology and physics.. but chemistry? ERR i'm still finding a way to LOVE it.
add maths? so far i could still catch up. BUT sometimes i'm having trouble with the homeworks..

Overall i think science stream's subjects are quite heavy and difficult. But I will try my best to love allllll the subjects..
and do my best for all of it.
SPM is next year. this year ain't a honeymoon year. I got that a LOT.

soo yeahh. till next time. (IF i could spare some time) ;D

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