Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Ballet is all about..

After 6 years of learning ballet, I have gained soo many knowledge. I started at the age of 9. I know it's quite late. Usually, learning ballet starts at a very early age, 4 to 5. But it doesn't really matter anyway. As long as you really have a strong interest in ballet and commit until the very end. Ballet looks really graceful and relaxing. But it's not what u think. It's really tough. TOUGH! You'll be experiencing a lot of mentality stress. I have been there. Trust me. Physical stress is nothing. In ballet, everyone seems to be your rival. Teachers want you to be perfect.. Frankly i say, I barely have any friends at my ballet class. Well, I have one chinese girl named Li ling, she's very close with me.

My mom, she encouraged me to learn ballet as she has always loved ballet since she was a lil girl. She didn't get the chance to learn ballet, so she sent me to ballet classes instead. When I first started ballet, there was noooo malay girls at all. All of them were chinese and some of them are quite racist. I'm not saying all but mostly. I started from primary grade, primary 4.
I didn't take exam for primary 4 because I started the class quite late, my classmates were taking the exam on the next month after i started ballet. So I didn't take exam for primary 4. After the exam, I started a new grade, Grade 1. Each grade took a year to finish. I finished grade 1 until 5. Then, there's the next level, which is the major grades which i'm in now. The first grade of major grades is Intermediate Foundation. I just took the exam on october. Waiting for the results. While waiting, I'm in Intermediate level now. Intermediate is one step up after inter found. After Intermediate, there will be Advance 1, 2. And if you want to be a teacher or a true ballet dancer/primaballerina, you have to take another 2 or 3 more grades after advance 2. From what I know, the highest level in ballet is Solo Seal Award. I bet not many ballerinas in the world reached until that level.. Even if i were to really learn ballet, I will learn until advance 2.
Ouh yeah almost forgot, I'm learning the syllubus from London. RAD-Royal Academy of Dance.

Bad news is my journey stops until here. I will stop until this level-Intermediate level.
Actually it's good enough because i have finally reach the major levels.
It's been a wonderful experience for me, learning ballet. I know, this is a very good opportunity but I don't really intend to be a primaballerina. I learned for fun and satisfaction.
I know i will be missing learning ballet, going to classes 2 times a week. huhh..
Goodbyeeee ballet.. Once and for all.. Farewell.. Sayonara..

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