Saturday, December 18, 2010

People! D-day is getting nearer!

23rd December 2010 is the day of horror!
It's the day where all 010' PMR Candidates will be receiving their results. And I'm one of them..
UGHH..5 days left!? Time suree flies soo fast. huh.. I just wish that day would never existed! But at the same time I'm soo curious to know my results.
Will I achieve what I've targetted for 3 years? Will I get str8 A's..?
i JUST hopeeee what i've worked hard for, really pays..

To all 010' PMR candidates esp SVIAN and 3I of SVIAN esp, I pray for all of you so that 8A's will be yours... InsyaAllah.. If God's willing..

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