Friday, January 8, 2010

First week of School.

it's friday, almost 11 pm.
I'm so tired, but i'm willing to post a little something of school.
Well, It's a very tiring week for me. Especially during monday till wednesday, I had this 3 days of activites at school tht I have to stayback until 6.45.. Can u just believe it? Spending the whole day at school when there's Icy mountains on top of HOMEWORKS..
By the time I arrived home, it was 7. I would rushed to the shower then of to the maghrib prayers. I have like 3 hours more to homeworks but, I have to spend some time with my unindependent brother to like accompany him, this and that etc. etc.

It took almost an hour and a half for that. And only then, I can start with the homeworks. It's just the first week I have loads of hws given by the teacher. UGHHH. it's gonna be a stressing year for me......

*eyes are about to close.

gtg. I'm so of, of the computer rite now..............

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