Friday, July 26, 2013

What I called A Bliss

 Assalamualaikum, Bonjour, Hello and Hi!

  I'm baaack! It seems pretty quiet here since my last post. Duhh, like who reads my blog anyway.
So it has been 2 months almost 3 months actually, being a UTP student. A lot of things happened during these few months. It feels like as if just last week that I registered to UTP. The orientation week which they called 'MAS'(Minggu Aluan Siswa), can't forget that moment too, when my ex schoolmates were still here. Most of them have moved to another preparation college to pursue their studies overseas. I'm sad that they have to leave but also proud of them.

  Moving on to my classmates or what they called coursemates here in most universities. Yeah, my course has not much students compared to the other courses. Our small number of people makes us really close with each other. We have not known each other quite that long, but it seems like we're a family now. We did most of the things together. We have our own Whatsapp group chat and facebook group. That's how we communicate most of the time. It's easy to post things and any new infos.
A lot of them from other courses were curious how did our course, PG(petroleum geoscience) became so closed among ourselves? Well, it started during 'Minggu Mesra Kampus'(MMK), when we opened a   small booth selling fast foods and drinks to raise funds for our Islamic Studies class project. From there, we started to get to know each other. Surprisingly, we blend in pretty well.

                                         Our small and humble little booth.

 The time when we went to a Haunted Mansion and won a Hamper for being lucky.

                                           Intoducing the PG family

  From there onwards, we started to have gatherings. Not only for class projects, just a normal gathering and hang out. We even did a study group. That one night, we have this event, a very informal and relaxed event at UTP's lakeside opposite the mosque where we called 'Pavillion'. I don't know why they gave such a Luxury name. haha. Anyway, so we actually did that event to finish up the leftovers frozen food from the time we sold the fast food during MMK. Not only that, one of our friends, brought  'Keropok Lekor' all the way from Terengganu. So we fried them and ate at the Pavillion. UTP's Pavillion is actually quite a nice place with a stunning view too. After done with our self-fried suppers, we played 'Truth Or Dare' or Spin The Bottle. haha. It's been a while since I played that game. I played that game a lot during high school.

   Ramadhan has finally come again this year. Alhamdulillah. I managed to live up until this day. So it is my first time ever experiencing Ramadhan without my family. I was quite upset at first that I could not spend the first few weeks of Ramadhan with my family but then it turns out that fasting with friends here in utp is definitely a bliss. I never failed to iftar with the PG girls. Since UTP has a lot of cafe and restaurants, we ate at different places everyday. We could also iftar at the mosque. It's free and the food is really delicious. Iftar, and Tarawikh at UTP's magnificient mosque. I didn't go for Tarawikh every night as sometimes I have night classes and busy with assignments and courseworks. So I just did it in my room.
Mosque iftar

                                  Iftar at 'Pavillion' with food from Bazaar.

     Last night, after collecting donations for the orphanage in Ipoh for our class project, we had supper and sahur at some restaurant in Seri Iskandar. I ordered Lan's Fried Rice which was a dish with a mixed of western and asian. (Y) We chatted and laughed a lot. I can't even finish my drink as I'm afraid that I might spurt out the drink from laughing too much. After that, we went to Mc Donald's nearby to have our dessert.  One of our friends was being generous. He treated all of us  with Oreo McFlurry. We went back after that.

  Imagine how close we are when it's only 2 months of knowing each other. I hope our friendship will continue to grow throughout our 5 years here in UTP.

Long live PG!