Friday, June 3, 2011

First week of hols

Hey it's me mate! Long time huh. It's school holidays now, almost entering the second week. What I've been doing? Did I used my time wisely? or otherwise? haha.

As soon as school holidays started, I went for a school annual camping trip at Taman Negara, Pahang. It was one of the best camping trip I've ever went to. Worth 200 bucks. I admit, from the camp I came to have more appreciation towards nature.
The camp was for 3 days. I got home that night on Monday.
I slept for 11 and a half hours from 12 am until 11.30am. How exhausted I was after the camp. I didn't do anything much that day.
Homeandhome all day. It was my resting day after all the shizz.

The following day, Wednesday. The day I've been pretty much waiting for. ;D I went to Sunway Lagoon with my classmates. My class, 4 Bina had been planning since 2 weeks before school holidays started. My form teacher was there too, En Fairuz. He was really excited to go out with his dear students. Only less than a quater made it that day. How sad. But we had much fun there even though with only 9 of us including our teacher. It was an unforgattble trip with my beloved classmates, i hope we could do this again in the near future.

On Thursday, I went on a date with my two girlfriends, Adibah and Amirah. Adibah, came a long way from Terengganu. She's in KL now until saturday. We spent time watching a movie, bowling and shopping at one of the nearest shopping mall from mi casa. A greaaat day it was. I hope dibah will upload the photos soon. ^.<

Today. Woke up at 9. Had breakfast with my mom and my lil bro at a mamak place. Got home, turned on my computer and watch half episode of Secret Garden, fell asleep after that. I slept until 3.30pm. I don't know why am I sooo tired and sleepy all day. The next hour, I went downstairs to have my lunch and then continued watching City Hunter's latest episode.
I'll be going to JB tomorrow there'll be a relatives' wedding and less likely I might stopped by SG, but I haven't packed a single thang.

Alrite I have to go shower now and pack things for tomorrow. I'll be posting a new entry and InsyaAllah, if God's willing, I will do my first own vlogger after I got back on monday or tuesday. Till then.

Much love, Umai.

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