Friday, November 12, 2010

One of the best days..

It was on the 9th November. A trip organized for the PMR leavers.. We took the HOP ON HOP OFF bus and took tour around KL (like i've never been to kl) It was really a remarkable, awesome, superb, unforgettable trip ever. Only a few of my closest friends were going. I thought it would be such a boring and lamee trip but it turned out the other way round.

The places we went to : KL tower(culture village), Craft Complex, Pavillion, uniqlo Central Market, China Town and Petaling Street.
Actually there were more places such as The Art Gallery and Museum. But we seem to spend a lot of time at the previous places.
We didn't have much time back then. From the first to the last place, the atmosphere was always getting more and more merrier and lively.

Before we went back, the last stop was China Town. And there was this very special moment that I was very excited and soooo extremely happy about. There was a tourist from Seoul, South Korea. A married couple. It was at the bus stop. I was sitting on a bench after a tiringgg walk around Petaling Street. I didn't notice them at first. But then I heard them say, they were from South Korea. There was a sudden impulse making me to stand up and say "Anyeonghaseyo!!" It means Hello in Korean.
They were like really startled and greeted my back. Then, I started to talk to them about Malaysia, How I love Korean music and drama soo much. I said I really love 2PM (korean boy group). They nodded their head as a sign of knowing them well.
After a while, there were a crowd of people (Svian's) surrounding us and started to lighten the atmosphere.
Our conversation topic started to expanddd. Everyone seems soo excited about it. I even called the Korean couples "Ahjussi and Ahjumma" means 'Pakcik and Makcik".
They were soooooo nice. The Ahjussi even wrote names of me and a friend of mine in Korean. SOO super cool. I Still kept the paper he wrote my name on it. They also rode the same bus with us. We continued our conversation on the bus. The ahjussi gave me a Korean won coins. I got 600 won. I was sooo grateful.. and it was indeed a very very speacial day for me.

The trip started off with silence.. as in I didn't spoke too much at first but it really ended with a hugeeeee and widee smiling faces.

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