Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lennex a.k.a Lennoque bo Lennoque

Lennex.. He's the cat that first came to our house meowing', for food. We're kind enough to give him some.
My lil brother, fell in love with that cat. and kept on pestering my mom asking permission to keep him. My mom agreed with it.
So, since then, lennex was named by me. Cool name is it? FYI, I took it from the Form 3 history textbook chapter 5. haha. go and check it out!
Lennex, he was an eating machine! He can ate anything! almost anything except for rock, wood and soil i guess.
He loves to eat! Almost every hour, he will ask(meow) for food.
About 2 months keeping him, he got fatter and fatter.. what a LUCKY cat. (Lucky tht he have us as his owner/master)
During fasting month, he would always wait till buka puasa" time because he knows that there will be a lot of food at tht time.
Ouh yeah, he has a very high-pitch meowing sound. (I find it quite annoying. Seriously!)

Days gone by, months after months, my mom noticed tht lennex was not as active as always. He looked sick. (no physical changes showing his sickness though)
After weeks, i saw him getting thinner and skinnier..
my mom took him to the vet for a check-up. The vet said that lennex was suffering from a lung cancer.
He might need some operation that cost a lot to recover! but he didn't took the operation. It's really expensive.

a month later, he was getting worse than before. He looks sooooo super skinny! i could feel the bones coming out!
I can't bare to look at him. It was too painful. I could feel him, suffering. Fighting against the disease.

A few days later, I saw Lennex laying down at the kitchen. I looked at him as if he wanted to get up but he couldn't.
I stroked his fur, telling him that everything's going to be fine. U just hang on and be Strong okay, Lennex..

Today, I came back home from some place. Before i got in, my brother told me that Lennex died.
I didn't believe him at first and thought that he was just fooling around.
I walked towards the kitchen, what I saw was a dead body covered with old newspapers. It was lennex's body.
What my brother said was true! He died today at 4.20pm.

Lennex was a very special cat. Why did he have to go so fast? I didn't even got the chance to be really close to him..
He was really close with my brother. His beloved cat.

Maybe it's time. I have to accept it. We all, have to accept it.

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