Saturday, March 20, 2010

wowwie!! awesomeeeee.. heaven i'm telling you!

i'm so excited to post this.. i just came back from a BOOK FAIR in PWTC.. It's super duper awesome.. It's a place I called 'heaven'..
After all, books are my second bestfriend.. My mom promised to take me there about a week before.. hehe.
So, today.. I bought 3 books. 2 novels and 1 motivational book. And the best part was I met Ain Maisarah, the famous local author.. I had almost all of her books.. She's a great author i'm telling you.. She was so pretty back then. Unfortunately, i didn't manage to get her autograph.. huhh.. Maybe next time.
Me and my mom had a great time.. even it's kinda tiring walking non stop browsing for books.. I also manage to stopped by a booth called 'Rumah Pink Ain Maisarah'. I bought a 'Wannababes' badge.. haha. effing cool..
here, let me show you wht i bought 2day. ;D

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