Thursday, March 25, 2010

tht kid! aishh. aigoo.

thursday, 9:11 PM. I broke a record today for finishing my hw and study earlier thn i used to.
One thing. Would you help someone who asked for you, but he/she asked you rudely?
i disagree with it. So I decided to not help that person. at least cakaplah baik baik sikit kan.. huh..
ugh. whtever. Let him be. i won't help him unless he said sorry or something. Be nice to your sis. I'm the only sis you got! You little brat. just say sorry, even it is the millionth time. I would forgive you. Janganlah kasar sgt don't act like a beast!
I hate it when u do that..

Anyway, i'm feeling much better after writing this. ;D

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