Thursday, February 19, 2009

interest and love

Enough about my personality. Let's move on to my interests. I really really love art and music damn much. Art was the first thing that i liked when i was little. Then, music. My Mom always encourages me to learn something that i love or something new. She is the most dedicated person, loveable, spiritual and much much more. Thnks to her.. She had made me love and be inspired by music very very much. I started learning at the age of 5, and after 9 years now i still haven't finished learning it but I'm at the advance grade now. When I reached 8 my mom started sending me to ART' class.. a 5-year course until i reached 12.. I also learned Mental Arithmetic for 4 years and I finished the advance level just like Art. Now i'm very good at it. But still improving...
At the same time when i was taking the art courses my mom encouraged me to dance.
I started going to Ballet class when i was 9. It was a little late actually but still okay. I know how much she loves ballet therefore she wanted me to learn ballet. It's kind of fun to learn something like music, art and ballet or something that you are really interested in besides school studies.
Other than that... i love japanese too.. this was inspired by one of my best friends by the name of Farahin. I'm still learning it.
My life isn't that complicated but it's getting harder and more challenging every single day..

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  1. Besides the things you love, I hope you will meet and fall in love with someone truly awesome.. someone who will love you more than anything else in this world and who will fill your life with lots of happiness and love. Because you truly deserve someone like that.