Thursday, July 23, 2015

A dialogue with my blogue

Hey blog. It has been 2 years I think? Sorry for abandoning you. Life has been a mix of ups and downs, fastmo and slowmo, grumpy and happy and all the crazy 2 opposing words you can think of.

 Ending my teen years wasn't that easy. I am 20 now. Another stage of life, or shall I say the adulthood. I still don't think I act like an adult yet. At this age you're starting to think about a LOT of things. Things that won't even cross your mind when you were a cheeky kid or a rebellious teen. You're starting to be more concern on repaying your parents with all that they've provided you with and making them proud of you. You're scared of making mistakes of the past, and trying to achieve that perfect life that you've ever dreamed of.

 I have been keeping my blog private for 1 year plus I think and now I am surprisingly (when I thought I won't be opening this blog again and let it bury on the net just like that) scrolling the first few pages of my blog telling myself, "huhh I was THAT kid". Trying to impress everyone and showing my capabilities. Well, I am not soo much different from who I was before now. About the same I think just that I am seeing things at a more detail and critical perspective.

Right now right this moment, things are just running smoothly, right on track, just the way I wanted, Alhamdulillah. I can just thank Allah for everything. However that doesn't mean I can be all chill and Yolo-ing for the rest of my life. NO WAY. Definitely a no no. I still haven't finish my degree or got the job that could pay off my car loan and or make my parents life easier by giving them some money every month. I still have to work my butts off to achieve all of that. Things get more difficult as you grow older.

Pheww, this is the process that everything has to go through. Got a long life ahead of me inshaAllah for me to create a beautiful painting of my life.

So here's to ME.  Me me me me me me me me me me only me.

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