Monday, December 17, 2012

Left, Right, forward, backward? Which route? Which path?

 Too many question marks for the post tittle? Sorry for that.  Okay, as you know, from my last post, I am a person who is done with school. Next, I have to move on to the next phase which is the College/University phase.

  Recently, I've been going to education fairs. So far this year, I've gone to three of them. I did received a  lot of brochures, prospectus of universities. I did not have the time to look through all of them yet. I have been concerning about this(the path I should take after school) since early this year. I even went to an open day at some institute.

  The question is have I really made up my mind? I am still uncertain. I do have certain options in mind.  The problem with me is I kept on thinking, what if I am not qualified? what if I don't like it?  how about the education cost?
I still have time to think about it AND for sure I need to think long and hard enough so that I won't be making a decision that I would  not regret for the rest of my life.

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