Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Pledge

  Hello there, it's a typical Sunday evening.  The sad thing about today is, it's the last day of the mid term school holidays. I'm still in the holiday-relaxing-as if I don't have a homework to do mode.
For me, I didn't really manage my time well during these holidays especially for an SPM candidate, I should've been working my butts off for the Trials that is less than 7 weeks. I think.
   I haven't really had the realization or self-motivation to really strive for the Big exam. And for that, I need to write a little pledge.

  I Aliah Umairah bt Shamsoor Munawar promise to myself that starting for tomorrow onwards which is the beginning of the second semester, I need to reallyreally do at least a revision of the topics I've learned, execute all the tasks given to me, practice really hard for my ABRSM practical Piano exam grade 8 to achieve at least Merit, put all my heart out during my preparation for the Trials, I need to buck up! get back on track! Get a hold of myself! Reduce internet consumption per day. Last but not least, be a better person. 

 I might not be able to post any entry expecially the looong ones in this coming future. Wish me luck! Till then, Assalamualaikum.

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