Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I know who I am..

Am I that hateful? Mean? Cruel? Selfish? Irresponsible? Pathetic..

I know.. that I've done such a selfish thing.. And Irresponsible. I know Who I am. I'm not an angel. I can be a bad person sometimes. I'm not what u think I am. I admit that all this while, I've been acting soo pathetic. I didn't care about those around me.
I always want things to go my way.
However, I didn't mean to do such things.

It just only for that 1-2 hour(s). I did what I have to do. The important things. I didn't just left empty handedly. Already asked for permission. It's the last day. I need some time to spend with my friends. So far, I have sacrificed a lot for this. And I'm not regretting it. It's only for that day. I know this was too selfish of me. And I know that you guys too need to spend the precious days of your life too.
i'm not that good at explaining things..

I'm truly deeply sorry for what I've done. I didn't mean it. I know this is quite unforgiveable..
I just want this whole situation to be settled. This was not what I wanted! This wasn't what I intended to do!
Please. Forgive me my dear friends. I don't want things to get worse.

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