Friday, July 31, 2009

WOWWW! interesting... like ouh yeah.. VERY...

Today is 31st July.. Finally I'm right in front of my computer, posting something. At least one post a month. Actually I don't have any interesting topic to write/type/post about. Erm. okay. How should I start this of? Maybe what do I do today? Ussual stuff. U know.. like waking up everyday at 6.30 am for my prayers. Then, I'll spend half an hour in front of my computer, streaming japanese drama online (yeah.. i'm obsessed with japanese). Right after that, i'll go and take a bath at 8 am. Since i'm schooling in the afternoon session. Next up! Breakfast. I'll be having my favourite breakfast cereal which is the "honey gold flakes" with a bowl of low fat milk. OMG. Tht's more like heaven.
huuuh.. i'm full. Then, i'll be checking on my homeworks, music homeworks. Finish all of them, and i'm ready to go to school..
Nothing wonderful but simply boring and dull but i'm getting used to it. It's my daily routine. That's what I do as a busy high school girl.

Hey.. u know what? i gotta go.. My annoying lil' brother is asking me to play a video game with him!! @_@>...... ;p

P/s; more interesting posts coming on nest month in august! which is like 4 hours more! SEE YALATOR ALAGATOR.


  1. Know what? We have something in common, umai.
    Both of us have a little brother who is annoying. Well, tell him that if he continues to annoy you, you would let the monster under his bed to eat him up when he's asleep. I told my little brother that and he has become less annoying... haha! But now he keeps asking me to check under his bed. Oh.. brother! Anyway, enjoy your life no matter how boring and routine it seems to be. Because 40 years from now, we are all gonna look back and wish we were kids again. Be happy, aliah umairah ;D

  2. hmm. i hope so. daryl. we do have a a little something in common. ;D