Thursday, March 12, 2009

exhausting week...

It's a very DAMN tiring week for me.. I took part on the KAWAD KAKI competition and the Hip Hop Dance for the girl guides thingie... It takes a lot of sacrifices, energy, willing and lots more..
I'm fully studying in class only on Monday n Tuesday and the remaining days I'm practising for the whole day...
starting from wednesday, i come to school at 10 am (i ussualy go to school in the afternoon) for practise untill 6 pm...
on Thursday.. i went earlier at 8 am for the dance practise.. rest for only half n hour then i'll be practising for Marching..
The next day, Friday.. it's the same as thursday..
i went back home at 7.. take a shower, pray, dinner n homework! tons of them.. huh....
Actually i'm trying to get used to it.. Because I'll be doing this for 3 months time..
I think i'm getting more & more active in KOKO activites these days.. I'll try my best to catch up with my studies although the past test i didn't achieved my targets.. that's okay.. I'm learning to face difficulties in my life starting from now on..
It's never too late..

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  1. you were in the hip hop? did u perform at sports day? coz i did NOT see you. anyways, its jai :D